Bengaluru is the IT hub of India. It is a cosmopolitan city with highest number of startups and IT companies as well as branding, advertising and UX / UI agencies. The trends of design start from that city and proliferate in other major cities of India because the design practices and culture there is in level with the design industry culture abroad.

We all know that most business and companies fail in the market that is filled to brim by different industry verticals. To stand out, branding is crucial. If your brand isn’t distinct, it is very easy to get lost from the public eye. Especially in a saturated and developed market of Bengaluru city, it is crucial to stay atop in the mind of your clients and consumers otherwise your brand can be easily forgotten. It’s necessary that you invest in branding & advertising and design if you are planning to launch a startup or company regardless of the scale of the business, in Bengaluru.

Branding agency in Bengaluru

What do we mean by Branding?

Through branding, you promote your product or service by creating its distinct image and by marketing it in a unique and definitive manner through a well laid strategy. Branding must give a face and a recognition to your business, something that the target audience can connect with.

Your brand must have a long term vision of where it wants to be in the market in future. Good Brand Identity steers the customers into choosing that particular product or company over its competitors because of reliability and trust factor. It is essential to all businesses to establish and position in the market and to thrive amongst the competitors.

How does Branding help?

Branding helps you stand out

Branding gives your business visibility in an overly-crowded and overly competitive market. Where there is a constant competition to stay on the rack, your branding and unique selling proposition will help your consumer to choose you.

Branding drives customer loyalty

Customer loyalty means the customer makes repeated purchase of your products or services and doesn’t opt for any other competitor. This can happen in two ways: Firstly, by providing great quality of service and unique product and secondly, through reinforcement of brand in the minds of customer that it creates an instant recall.

Customer loyalty is the yardstick to measure how the business or brand is doing in the market. Repeated purchases means the brand has created an indispensable space for them in the minds of consumer.

Branding creates Goodwill

Good branding and a strong content strategy generates confidence in the products and services and brings satisfaction to the stakeholders. Goodwill does not only extend to stakeholders but also to creditors or potential investors. Creating a strong image can attract sales + investments that furthers the growth of business and strengthens the brand.

Consumers put trust in the brand that has a good will in the market. Your products can be expensive but they will be used and admired if you have a goodwill.

How idesire communications can help Bengaluru based brands?

We help businesses, companies and startups to create a sticky brand identity by designing aspirational content. This content could be in the form of logo design, brand identity design, illustration design, videos, graphic design, website design, creatives for social media, articles and blogs etc.

Being a Branding Agency in Bangalore, iDesire communications understand how important it is to project authenticate and trustworthy brand image. We have helped many companies in Bangalore to groom their ideas and business model to gain visibility in the market. To achieve a certain level of visibility on digital platforms, we design creative campaigns for businesses and optimize a website through copy and content strategy in a way that garners broader reach and audience.

Our clients know that associating with a creative agency like us means they can,

  • Develop a strong brand and establish yourself in the market
  • Create a different brand identity
  • Maximize ROI by attracting sale of products and services through creative brand communication

idesire communications provide services to businesses, companies and startups that help them to create a strong brand identity and become thought leaders in the market.

Our Branding services include:

  1. Brand Identity Design – Brand Name, Brand Logo, Stationery and Initials
  2. Marketing and Event Collateral Design – Brochure, Flyer
  3. Website Design, Content and Development
  4. Digital Marketing – Social Media Retainer
  5. Illustrations
  6. Videos and a lot more…