Bee – Parenting App

Logo Design and Social Media Campaign



Bee is a virtual assistant, designed as a mobile app. It uses voice queries and natural

language communication to answer questions, make recommendations, and provide

best parenting advices, tips and entertainment to improve modern parenthood. It comes with a lot of features which assists modern parents in the development of children. 



As an advanced and developing brand, Bee needed a fresh and young identity to appeal to the target audience. The brand was looking to expand its marketing activities to increase its word of mouth for the brand launch. They wanted to create a greater impression in the minds of their target audience through social media.



In the first phase of marketing, we designed Bee’s logo using primary colors to make it appear simple, direct and transparent to the target audience. 


In the second phase of marketing, we created social media campaigns for Bee. We designed “#BeeKnows” – a Product Feature Campaign.  We strategized and outlined visual language and characters for the promotional campaigns aligned to the brand colours.