Brand identity design

Indi Chef is a home delivery catering company whose motto is providing hygienic, fresh, and
hot food at your doorsteps. It functions through online food delivery apps like Swiggy,
UberEats, etc. and wishes to give people simple yet tasty food, exactly like they would get at
home. Indi Chef aims to stay true to their tagline and become ‘A Face for Indian Food’.

As a new company, Indi Chef did not have a definitive identity. They were lacking an image
that would make them unique in the market. In a saturated market of restaurants and delivery
options, Indi Chef needed a brand to stand out to the public.

We gave the brand a visual identity by creating a new logo for them. Keeping their tagline in
mind, we designed the logo off of the owner and head-chef. The food packaging for
deliveries was another one of our contributions, along with menus and pamphlets. We also
created visual content for their Facebook page, and designed their ‘Take Home the Chef’