Visual Identity Design

Piknikr is a Goa based Food Company that has made it their mission to provide affordable snacks, liquor, and other items to tourists and locals alike. They plan on opening small stores across Goa, serving pocket-friendly food and tourist-assist items.

Their purpose behind taking this initiative was to create a market for the tourists and travelers who had no option but to spend at restaurants and shacks, and provide a service that was affordable, yet equally fulfilling.

As a start-up they needed to create a whole new brand and visual identity, one that was distinct and would make them stand out in the bustle of Goa.

After understanding their idea and plan for their business, we created two different identities for them. They varied in colour scheme, font, and design, but stayed true to the identity of the brand. We also designed their logo, as well as stationary. As a part of the identity development, we designed a dress-code for the employees, which included t-shirts and aprons.