Profiled Skin

ProfiledSkin is a computer empowered data driven fit personalized technology which aims to help customers reduce sizing issues that arise when shopping for wearable products likeapparel, footwear etc.on online retail portals. ProfiledSkin offers B2B services and aims to enhance customer satisfaction by providing the right size of the shopped wearables through the simple and user-friendly tool that gets integrated with any e-commerce website. ProfiledSkin has innovated a one-click profile generation technology which develops the whole fit profile through a single image enabling user to have a profile containing all their measurement.

As a modern and an emerging tech-based product company, ProfiledSkin needed a youthful brand identity and brand visual assets that best represented the business model and purpose of the company to its target audience. This also included merchandise.

Solution:As part of the brand identity design, we gave ProfiledSkin a quirky logo and created logo animation. As part of the brand identity development, our team along with ProfiledSkin came
up with the idea of designing a mascot called “Spiky” as the representative of the brand to increase brand calling value. We also designed the website which captured the essence of the company and effectively communicated to the targeted audience.